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Vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

for Suffolk County Legislator
16th District

Suffolk County is facing a financial crisis due to reckless spending of a $3 Billion Dollar Budget.      
  • End the Red Light Camera Program. It's a Scam    
  • Remove the New Mortgage Fee Tax
  • Deport Illegal Immigrants arrested for Crimes
  • Stop Building Low-Income Housing Projects at Every Train Station in Suffolk County

Hector Gavilla

Vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

for Suffolk County Legislator
16th District
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The 16th Suffolk County Legislative District (L.D.) includes Commack, Dix Hills, East Northport, Elwood, Melville and South Huntington in the Town of Huntington, Deer Park in the Town of Babylon and Brentwood and North Bay Shore in the Town of Islip. The district is bounded roughly by Clay Pitts Road to the North, Sunrise Highway to the South, New York Avenue to the West and Washington Avenue and Awixa Creek to the East.
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RED LIGHT CAMERAS: Hector Gavilla describes to the Suffolk County Legislature the one-sided contract allowing Xerox to choose camera locations based on profit and not safety. Xerox is allowed to choose a new red light camera location only if it passes a test of issuing 25 tickets per business day. there is NO requirement to choose locations based on accident data or safety. The only requirement is based on a quota.

Illegal Immigrants: Hector Gavilla explains to the Suffolk legislature that a liberal judge sentenced an illegal alien to less than one year for a fatal hit and run accident to help him avoid deportation. The illegal will continue to live in this country and possibly be a repeat offender.

Gang Problems in Suffolk County: In Dec. 2016, Hector Gavilla was among the first to identify unaccompanied minors from Central America as the source of the problem for the rise in gang related deaths. The average gang member is a teenager who is here illegally.

Fees are Back Door Taxes, Housing Projects at Train Stations, County Financial Problems

Suffolk's Financial Problems